The NSA Southwest World Series will be coming to Prescott, Arizona in 2017. We are excited to bring this prestigious tournament to Prescott this summer. As we will be including qualifying berths to all of our Arizona NSA tournaments throughout the summer, we will be updating the attached Teams Qualified for the World Series sheet as we move into the season.

For more information and a list of teams that have punched their tickets please visit to the official Southwest World Series page.

Each of our tournaments will offer berths to the World Series. The NSA Southwestern National Qualifier tournament that will take place in Prescott, June 3 and 4 will give every team who participates a berth to the World Series. We also will be attaching a designated amount of berths to each tournament we will be conducting throughout the summer as well. To see how many berths each tournament will be awarding, please go to and click on the search button at the top of the site. From there, select tournament search and enter the information for Arizona and then search.

Select the hourglass to the left of every tournament listed for your age and class to see all the tournament information about each event including the amount of berths that will be awarded to the World Series. This Tournament Detail view will give you all the information you need for that particular event including the berth count.

To enter any of these tournaments, you must have an NSA Sanction number. Once you get your NSA Sanction number, you simply add that number and password to the bottom of the Tournament Detail View and then submit. Your team will appear in the registered team section of the page.

You can utilize ANY team insurance to participate in ANY NSA tournament, including the Southwest World Series Tournament. If you already have team insurance you simply show that proof of insurance at the tournament. If you would like to purchase Westpoint Insurance through, simply click on the Insurance button and select the Team/League online application button and use our NSA Sanction number to purchase through Westpoint Insurance. All the Rate information is on the site and compares with all the other team insurance fees, deductibles and coverage amounts.

If you have any questions regarding Arizona NSA Youth Girls Fastpitch, how to enter tournaments or how to qualify for the Southwest World Series, please contact any Youth tournament Director by clicking on the contacts tab on the home page.

Have a successful season!!!!


To add your Arizona NSA Sanctioned team to any tournament with Arizona NSA, please click on the Tournaments button on our state website. Once you are directed to, find the tournament and age division you want to enter and add your new sanction number at the bottom of the tournament info.

A 2.9% plus 30 cent fee will be included if using PayPal

Team Sanction Fees


PLEASE NOTE: The Tournaments available to pay on Paypal are the Northern Area Tournaments Only, Directed by Dale Poole and Rick Hormann.

The Phoenix Area Tournaments are Directed by Eurby White and have their form of entry fee payments. To pay for Eurby's tournaments please go to or click the Tournaments Button on our state website.


As we head into the 2017 season, has updated their website to make it more friendly for the coaches to sanction a team and view tournaments. When you log into you will see various buttons at the top of the page.

As Arizona NSA is putting together our 2017 Tournament calendar season schedule, the first step to participate in any NSA tournament is to get a sanction number. Select the sanction button at the top and then Youth Team. Once you get to the Team Sanction page, select the "Click Here for Registering a Youth Team". Complete the information and submit the sanction request. Once that is completed, I will receive your request and help you finish your team sanction.

Please note that you do not have to have NSA insurance to play in any NSA tournament. You can have any form of team insurance to participate in any NSA tournament, but you do have to have a sanction number to add to the tournament you want to participate in. This sanction number is a one time a year $30 fee that covers the annual tournament season: August 1-July 31

You can purchase team insurance through the site through Westpoint insurance with your sanction number as well, but if you have other insurance, all you need to do is get a team sanction number and use that to enter all the tournaments under the search button at the top of the homepage.

There are several tournaments listed on the site and we will be adding more as we move into 2017. To see the list of tournaments that are on the site, please select the Search button at the top of the homepage then Youth Current Season button. From there select Arizona then once your select the search button from there, you will see all the Arizona NSA tournaments currently listed.

To enter these tournaments, just select the tournament and correct age, go to the bottom of the page and add your new Sanction number and password. You are now added to the tournament. On this page, there are also attachments, ie. entry forms, tournament information, and you can see the teams listed on the right hand side of the page.

There are many other important items on the revised site. Once you login and view the site, please the Contacts page to contact anyone of our various staff in regards to Youth Fastpitch, Adult Slowpitch, Tournament, Insurance, and Umpire info.

We hope you and your team have a successful 2017 Tournament Season.

See you on the Diamonds 


We are working on our tournament calendar for Arizona NSA which will include tournaments all over the state leading up to the NSA South West World Series tournament in Prescott, Arizona. This tournament will take place July 26-30 for all age groups, 10U-18U. We are excited to have the opportunity to host a World Series tournament during our first year of joining Arizona NSA. You will be able to participate with any NSA tournament with other insurance, but must at least obtain a Team Sanction number and pay the sanction fees to participate. For those teams who utilize other insurance, a $10 per tournament fee will be assessed to the teams for the Tournament Director to purchase tournament insurance for the weekend.


NSA is affiliated with Westpoint Insurance Group located in Chicago, IL. The insurance information is located on the main website

To obtain NSA Insurance, you must first obtain a Team Sanction Number. Once you have paid for your Team Sanction Number, you can then purchase insurance through the same site. You will then be able to access your policy to produce your team insurance certificate and provide to municipalities, school districts, etc to practice on their facilities. NSA/Westpoint Ins. Group has an outstanding policy and will provide all the assistance you need to get the documentation you need or answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about NSA Insurance, please visit the site.


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